Anonymous asked: Dang all these horny people like i just wanna cuddle naked wrapped in your arms and maybe fool around but whatever you prefer i guess you gorgeous human being

I love cuddling tooooo (but I like being small spoon)


i love tyler the creator

Anonymous asked: youre literally my dream guy.. & like im 16 and hot too???

u should kiss me then?

Anonymous asked: i wanna finger you with my left hand, while we kiss, and jack you off with the right..fuckkkk

aw that’s so sweet thx :,)

someone spank me

Anonymous asked: Post a selfie dude

I’m in the dark so ill do it tomorrow babe

Anonymous asked: can we cuddle naked yes or yes

yes pls

do u wanna cuddle naked yes or yes 

he hit me but it felt like a kiss.




i love 50 shades of grey

Track Name: Daddy
Artist: Lana Del Rey
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in need of a babe